• About dartways
    DARTWAYS (SMC-Pvt) Limited is a multi-dimensional organization offering Consultancy and Trade Support Services to industries and businesses.  Having its primary focus on strategic areas of investment proposals and busine
  • Sector Briefs
    The ‘Sector Briefs’ presents a valuable resource on Pakistan’s leading and potential industrial sectors highlighting useful information and data in a concise way so as to facilitate entrepreneurs with informed decision making with regard to investment in a particular sector.
  • Business Opportunities
    The ‘Business Opportunities’ highlights potential business areas for investment. The one page brief provides potential investors an insight about products and services that have a ready domestic market as well as present export opportunity.
  • Laws of Pakistan
    The ‘Laws of Pakistan’ is a one-stop window to all Policies, Laws, Rules and Statutory Regulatory Orders (SROs) of the country relating to commerce, industries, investment, IPRs, and many other subjects that are frequently needed by investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, academicians and students ...
  • Technology Updates
    The ‘Technology Updates’ brings to the fore latest developments in technology and manufacturing techniques. The objective is to keep the industry and the government abreast of technological development and its impact on businesses.
  • Country Profiles
    The industries and businesses require effective intelligence on market potential as well as the political, economic and business environment of a country in order to take informed decisions on exports development, investment undertaking, technical collaboration and joint venture arrangements.
  • Internship Programs
    As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, the DARTWAYS offers internship programs to students and fresh graduates with the objective to promote research culture in Pakistan; build capacity of students in various disciplines as well as providing them guidance on entering into suitable jobs.
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